Is Cougar mummies / Daddies real in Nigeria?

Is Cougar mummies / Daddies real in Nigeria?

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Is Cougar mummies / Daddies real in Nigeria?
This is a frequent questions asked by those sugar boys who don’t have connections yet. They are in doubt if sugar mummy in real or fake. Let me tell you something, sugar mummies / daddies / sons / Daughters is REAL IN NIGERIA.

Indices of if its Real?
1. Take alook within your environment, you will notice alot of divorced rich ladies / men who are so lonely and needs a sexual partner in there life to complete the gap in there emotional life.
2. Look around your environment , you will see alot of matured rich ladies / men who in one way or the other are still single and are not worried about getting married but they need a sexual relationship.
3. Alot of Married ladies have been in marriage without sexual satisfaction and they have been wandering from one social media chat to another , sex-chatting and phone-sexing. those ladies desires something realistic, they are tired of masturbation just to please there marriage
4. Look around your route to the office were you work, on your way in a public transport, you will notice some funny closeness from some married ladies closer to you within the same seat with you in the same bus.

Sugar mummies are wealthy women who are ready to spend money to get s3xual pleasure from young boys who they believed to be energetic in bed.

How to get Sugar mummy / daddy real phone number?

She / he is very rich and can take care of anyone she / he loves.
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