5 major things to consider / Verify in a dating Network

5 major things to consider / Verify in a dating Network

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Greetings to Viewers all over the world.

its interesting to educate a lot of people out there who understand the importance of social media dating and would love to be loved by any one from any part of the world.

Sugarkonection finder CEO/MD is happy to inform the general public to consider and also verify this Five (5) major details before signing up in any dating site / hookup site.

5 major things to consider

  1. A company Registration from the Fed. Govt of that country or its business controller      ( in Nigeria, its been controlled by the Nigeria corporate Affair Commission (CAC). )

  2.  A Physical Office / official address.

  3. Office Galleries which showcase the name of the company or the media outlet on the walls, even its billboards on the roadside, is also important

  4.  A CEO Account for business transactions /Signup which will be the same in all the bank details, ranging from the savings, current and domiciliary account or a Company Corporate Account

  5. 24/7 Customer care representative , this very important for all the intending users of any dating network to consider. each company survive with its customers. so each customer deserve a well caring environment.

In conclusion, we the Management of Sugarkonection Finder (RC: 2362844) is happy to inform you all that we have all the five (5) major things required as a dating company.

We welcome all intending customers to signup with us today and start enjoying our services and start meeting new partners from any part of the world.

Thanks for your understanding.

Okonkwo Cyprain (Psy)
Sugarkonection Finder.

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