How to Handle Office Romances

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How to Handle Office Romances

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AT099Office romances can often lead to complicated problems. Generally, it is preferable to keep your personal and professional lives separate, as each world requires different social and behavioral standards. However, even if you try to keep these lives separate, it is not uncommon to fall for someone who works in the same office as you. There are numerous considerations when starting an office romance to make sure it is as healthy and productive as possible, and not destructive.

Step 1Refer to the company’s employee guidelines or handbook to find out your employer’s rules concerning interoffice relationships. Employers generally frown on them, and some strictly forbid them. Consider these rules before you become involved withd a co-worker.

Step 2

Decide if the office romance is worth the risk. Even if your employer does not forbid interoffice relationships, there will be various other social effects stemming from the relationship. Other fellow employees are likely to find out, so consider how they may react, and be prepared for the intrusive feeling this can have on your private life as well as how it might affect your working life.

Step 3Discuss the office romance with your partner, preferably before it begins or shortly after. Voice your thoughts and concerns about the relationship’s possible complications, and then ask about your partner’s feelings. If you both decide to proceed with the relationship, discuss the ways in which you both want the relationship to be handled. An important concern will be whether or not you both want the relationship kept secret. Be sure to also discuss the behavioral restrictions toward each other that will be required in the work environment.

Step 4Discuss the possibility that you and your partner will break up while you are both still employed at the office. No matter what, a break-up is liable to create an awkward situation for you in the office, especially if your co-workers are aware of the situation. Be sure you are prepared to deal with a break-up, and ensure that your partner is prepared to handle a break-up in a professional manner if it should occur.

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