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Our site offers a unique, targeted approach which will optimize your viewer impressions. There are 4 advertising options: general, country-specific, ethnicity-specific, and country & ethnicity specific.

  1. General Advertising – your banner will be shown to any user which navigates within the site.
  2. Country-Specific – your banner will be shown only to site visitors who are from one country of your choice.
  3. Ethnicity-Specific – your banner will be shown only to users of a particular ethnic group of your choice.
  4. Country & Ethnicity Specific – your banner will be shown only to users which belong to a specific ethnic group of your choice AND who are from a specific country of your choice.

150 x 150 banner

The 150×150 banner appears on the side menu of every page except the registration and payment pages.

728 x 90 banner

The 728×90 banner appears on the bottom of the commonly viewed pages, such as the member’s homepage, inbox, trashbox, profile pages and search pages. Banners can also be targeted by country and/or ethnicity.

Other Options

For other advertising options, please contact us for a quote.


If you are unsure of how much traffic our site will bring you, take a look at our statistics (figures shown are as of April 2019):

Traffic Statistics as of April 2019
Average Daily Impressions: over 1,100,000
Average Monthly Impressions: over 33,000,000
Daily Unique Hits: over 69,000
Monthly Unique Hits: over 20,700,000
Member Statisticsas of April 2019
Total Registered Members: over 3,124,000
Female Members: 70.8%
Male Members: 29.2%
Top 10 Membership Countries as of  April 2019
1. United State of America 6. United Arab Emirates
2. Saudi Arabia 7. United Kingdom
3. Nigeria 8. Canada
4. Morocco 9. Kuwait
5. United States 10. Qatar